LAN / WAN İnfrastructure Solutıons
 LAN / WAN İnfrastructure Solutıons

The biggest problem of companies is work flow. In today's technology, all work is done over computers and network networks. It provides the design and development of local and wide area networks for small, medium and large enterprises, tailored to the customer needs and business dynamics of the customers. EGY LAN / WAN Infrastructure Solution; It provides all the necessary processes for locating redundant infrastructures in environments where uninterrupted communication is important, especially in end-user devices such as critical production sites. For example; (Computers, printers, servers, security camera systems, automation etc.)

To list our application and main product family;

  • Ethernet Switching: Local Area Network (LAN) Switches for data centers, backbone, edge and branch solutions
  • Unified Branch: The "Router" family developed for secure VPN connection with branches.
  • Wireless Networking: Low cost and scalable wireless networking systems
  • Unified Management: Central management in data and voice networks
WLAN İnfrastructure Solutions
WLAN İnfrastructure Solutions

Thanks to the wireless area network solutions that develop in line with the need for fast and flexible network connection in every environment, the scope of your local network can be easily expanded and you can provide reliable network access to your mobile users. All mobile and desktop devices can work flawlessly in the same environment with uninterrupted wireless connection areas (WLAN) operating on well-designed and securely managed local networks (LAN) provided by EGY.

As EGY, the coverage area of your local network can be expanded quickly and easily thanks to the wireless area network solutions, so that we can provide fast and reliable network access to your mobile users working within your organization.

We meet the needs of the end users that are required for your organization, especially in the world of communication, and the environment requirements that contain high technology and can provide fast and flexible connection in every environment.

Wireless network usage has become a mostly preferred technology due to its easy scalability structure with significant reductions in wiring costs, as well as providing fast and reliable use of all your devices in the same environment.

Creating uninterrupted wireless connection areas (WLANs) running on well-designed and securely managed local networks (LAN) by EGY Bilişim is of utmost critical importance for the establishment of efficient operations in corporate structures.

During the projecting phase, the following applications are used in basic terms.

  • BYOD  (Bring Your Own Device) applications
  • User and device based security protocols
  • Logging and guest interfaces (Hot-spot)
  • Connection protocols with wired networks
Physıcal Infrastructure And Connectıon
Physıcal Infrastructure And Connectıon

Local Area Network Cabling

EGY also performs end-to-end, high speed and quality structured cable drawing and termination operations in accordance with all kinds of active device topologies.

Basic services we offer;

  • Network Technologies
  • Network Systems
  • Video Cabling
  • Patch Panel Installation
  • Data Port Setup
  • Cabinet Installation
  • Telecommunication Systems Planning and Design
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Maintenance Services