Inbound Call Center
Inbound Call Center

EGY, believes that customer satisfaction and happiness are the absolute necessity of success in a modern business environment. In this case, it is of great importance that your call centers, one of the most important components of customer service, can provide highly consistent and personalized service. While performing all these, you need to keep your service quality at the optimum level with both your system and operational costs.

EGY provides end-to-end, integrated channel (Omni Channel) solutions to its customers and actively supports these solutions. With the solutions provided, our customers can receive / send calls through different channels such as voice, email, web-chat, mobile applications, fax, and SMS, and make the information obtained here accessible to different business units at corporate level with effective content management. In this way, it enables our customers to create a special customer experience for each customer segment and even their customer.

Outbound Call Center
Outbound Call Center


Efficient Outbound Calling Features

In the outbound call center solution offered by EGY Bilişim, outbound calls can be made at the desired intensity and aggressiveness. In the contact list to be called, any number of phone numbers per person can be defined and any number of calls can be made. Changes on this subject can be made live and by supervisors (without the need for technical support) without interrupting the system.

Outside calls can be made in the system as Progressive, Predictive and Agentless (with IVR connection).

In the solution offered, capacity can be increased by license and IP softphone increase without the need to purchase any extra device. Only the number of license agents can be increased if desired.

It provides Outbound System, CTI, Inbound / Outbound search (Manual), Reporting and Voice recording solutions.

Powerful and Flexible Campaign Management

Different search modes and rules can be defined for each of the campaigns. In this way, large and small search lists can be searched flexibly.

Campaign and search lists can be defined inside the system, as well as data in an environment outside the system (CRM, database, excel file, etc.) can be easily transferred to the system.

Supervisors can identify agents in campaigns and lists and the necessary changes can be made live by supervisors without disrupting the system.

Data can be added and removed to the campaign lists live without interrupting the system.